Welcome to National Fire Safety Council, Inc.’s

Firepup® Costume Mascot Adoption Program


Your Firepup® adoption specialist is trained to help you and your fire department adopt your very own Firepup® costume mascot.  Contact us and you will be on your way to providing your community with one of the most unique fire safety educational tools available.  Please be sure to include your name & title, your fire department’s name, state, telephone number, and the best way to contact you (e-mail or telephone).

At any time you can call 800-255-1082 and ask to speak with a Firepup® adoption specialist.


For a complete list of National Fire Safety Council, Inc. fire prevention materials and programs please visit www.nfsc.org, or call 1-800-255-1082.

Studies have shown that a costumed character increases the awareness of your fire safety message.
Firepup® Makes Your Department Stand Out!

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